Controversy Argentina in Hockey World Cup 2014

July 4th, 2014

Argentina has made a very controversial decision to play 12 players in the final 2 minutes of the game. The extra players still dominate the game while it 2-0 against England. World Cup matches held in The Hague to make the British feel objection.
With very surprising results in English have to report to the agency the International Hockey Federation. But in the end all these decisions must be accepted by the UK with a sense of despair. If the violation has been committed by Argentina can be seen from the beginning of the UK believe there will be no 2-0. Indeed this result cannot be trusted on the team who has worked hard.
England national team coach, Crutchley said that indeed the gold medal away from the reach of the UK, but that does not mean his team did not play well. In this game the feeling depressed so it is quite difficult to reverse the situation. The position of this kind has been made all the players are in a difficult position. But beat 12 players in a team is not an easy job. All the players are trying to fight their maximum but a larger amount.